Monday, 20 April 2009

GSoC projects I'm excited about

Today the list of accepted projects for Google Summer of Code was made public. Here's the list of the top 25 projects that I'm personally excited about. Im adding an asterisk to those that either I'm really looking forward to use or that really blew my mind.

  • Graph Partitioning in The Boost Graph Library
  • Relations data type *
  • Boost.Python py3k support
  • Multiple Database Support in Django *
  • Model aware validation
  • UI improvements for the admin interface
  • Large dataset manager
  • Automatic parallelization in Graphite *
  • Portage backend for PackageKit
  • Universal Select Tool *
  • Tree-wide collision checking and provided files database
  • Advanced GUI for brush dynamics (GIMP)
Google open source programs
  • Build a distributed object-capability system on the Caja platform.
  • Improving space profiling experience
GNU Project
  • Improve "sort" on multi-core systems
  • GDB - Python Scripting API Enhancements
  • Emacs GDB/MI migration
  • Improving Search and Virtual Folders in KDE4 *
  • Plasma Media Center Components
  • New Widget Explorer
  • PlasMate Editor - An editor for Plasmoids, DataEngines and Themes
  • Web pages over rsync **
  • Python Interfaces For OpenCog Framework API
  • Natural Language Generation using RelEx and the Link Parser
Python Software Foundation
  • Apache Axis2 extension for Jython

I know that there are a lot more great projects but I had to settle for 25. Which projects are you excited about and why?

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